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If you need help moving to Dartford, or even from one part of a town to another, then conact Dartford Removals team.

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What type of services do we offer?

Removal services

Removalss.co.uk is a moving company, in Dartford that provides complete furniture moving operations, etc. including all related handling, packaging, wrapping, disassembly and assembly services. The staff is professional and competent, we carry out a relocation without effort and worries from the client. Our moving company can boast an excellent rate of customer satisfaction. The proof of this is observed in the received recommendations and especially in received requests from partners. In order to create a high-performance department of moving companies, we have constantly invested in staff training and purchasing the latest equipment for corporate relocations.

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Dartford Removals Services

dartford removals

House Move

Moving to a new house is never easy – until now! Our local movers aim to make moving a breeze with our range of house moving services. Simply book your ideal date, and our experienced team of movers will show up at your door on time to complete your move.


Man With a Van

If you’re just moving a few items of furniture or are completing a smaller move, our man with a van service is designed just for you! You’ll get one of our star movers showing up at your door with his van, ready to help you move whatever you need to move. This is an excellent option for house moves, student moves, apartment moves, and more.

office removals

Office Move

Office moves are a complex undertaking for businesses. There is a lot to consider, from packing up employees’ desks to moving large printers or machinery safely. Our local movers will safely wrap up your items for the ultimate protection before carefully transporting them to your new location. Rest assured that we treat your items with care to ensure that they arrive in the condition they left in.

We Make Your Life Easier

assembling Assembling

When moving furniture, it often needs to be disassembled to keep it safe in transit. Putting it back together is a hassle, so let our local movers do it for you. Whether it’s a bed, table, drawers, or anything else, we can reassemble your items swiftly and accurately.

Dismantling Dismantling

Many items of furniture need to be taken apart before they are moved. Whether it’s because of the weight of the object, or sections that jut out and can catch on things, you don’t want these items getting damaged in the moving van. Our team can easily take these items apart for you and wrap them to safeguard the pieces from getting damaged.

packing Wrapping and Packaging

Furniture and boxes can jiggle around during transportation. That’s why we wrap and pack furniture, sharp corners, and fragile boxes for safety. We use stretch foil and cardboard sheets to absorb any impact and prevent items from breaking. Mirrors, precious furniture, and delicate items will all be fully protected.

unpacking Unpacking

From packing fragile items and disassembling fragile furniture, to unpacking and decorating according to your requirements, we will take care of all the moving stages and will provide you with the needed assistance. We will make a free project assessment, will establish the price in an exact and transparent manner, and will offer free cardboard and plastic boxes.

house clerance House clerance

In order to organise a successful house clearance before moving, you should follow these important steps: Make a plan for every room from the new place; Pack the decorative objects, the small or fragile ones; Select the clothes you want to keep; Select the shoes you want to keep; Be careful with the electronic devices and home appliances; Be careful with the documents, jewellery and other valuable items.

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How to easily get the most accurate quotation?

We offer the simplest method whereby you can request a quotation for furniture, home appliances transport services, etc. In order to get a price, you just have to fill out the application from “Get a Quote” section by selecting the items you would like to move, and you will receive an instant price.

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Why Choose Dartford Removals Services Over Other House Removal Companies?

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     Here at Removalss, we treat every client as an individual. We create tailored moving plans for office moves and make house removals simple for families. You can rest assured that your possessions will be safe in our experienced hands; that’s what makes us different from other house removal companies. Our local movers pack away furniture and boxes efficiently and safely to prevent damage and impact on the road.

removals services


Moving services, and moving for companies, commercial spaces, depend on a number of factors: the volume and weight of objects, the departure floor and the final destination, the complexity of the furniture and other. In order to develop a good strategy, we recommend setting the exact day of the move at least one week in advance.


The fluidity of operations is essential for the quality of the offered moving services. Used experience and special techniques are 2 crucial factors in the success of the move.

We take care of your transportation or business.

Do not hesitate to contact us or fill in the form available on the site to benefit from our services. Also, follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep you up to date with our news.

Are you considering moving to Dartford?

If you are, it’s time to get in touch with our premier removal company. We offer superior Dartford removals, with a wide range of ways we’d love to help with your next move. Whether you’re moving home, offices, or off to uni for the first time, we’re here to lend a hand.

It is crucial that you chose the right company to help you move your business or home. Removalss only hires staff who have passed a background check and are trained on every aspect of moving. For more information, contact us today!