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Self-Storage Facility Services

If you are in the middle of a house or office move and are constantly tripping over the spare furniture and boxes around, you might want to consider putting these into a self-storage facility. Using a furniture storage service can get things out of your way so that you can focus on moving and unpacking.

How Removalss Can Help with Furniture Storage

Removalss have a network of storage facilities that we can contact to find you the ideal furniture storage solution. While completing house moves, we so often get asked if we can help take away all of the extra furniture and boxes that are not required at the new location. We absolutely can!
When you book in your house or office move, let us know that you also need a self-storage facility. We can arrange this for you as well as picking up the items destined for storage and dropping them off at the facility. It’s never been easier to move items out of your home and into storage than with our help.

Storage Services

Why Use a Self-Storage Facility?


As we get older, many people find that their children grow up and move away from home, leaving them with far too much space. This is the ideal time to downsize to a smaller property where the maintenance is more manageable.
However, a smaller house means that you have less room for your belongings. If you have some items that you just can’t bear to part with, you should consider moving them into a self-storage facility. That way, you can still access them any time you like without cluttering up your home.

Moving Temporarily

Moving house can be an ordeal for many families. From packing up every item you own to wrapping them properly and getting everything into the van, it can require a lot of effort and planning. That’s why so many UK families choose to use Removalss’ housing moving services instead. Let us take care of all the details while you just focus on the exciting journey ahead!

Moving Offices

Office moves can take months to fully complete. In the meantime, you may have started the process and have old furniture and boxes lingering around the place, presenting a tripping hazard for staff. Tidy everything up and move things out of the way while you’re in the midst of a move by getting furniture storage.
This can help to ease the transition and make your workplace feel less chaotic, allowing your staff to keep focusing on their work. You can continue business as usual, while we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Get in Touch About Your Storage Needs

If you think that you could benefit from having some items in a self-storage facility, let us know. No amount of items is too large or too small for us to pick up and shift into storage for you.

Contact one of our friendly team at Removalss to discuss the different options for furniture storage, and together, we can come up with the ideal solution to suit your needs. Give us a call today!

Storage Facility Services

Storage for Students

Students usually have a few months off where they head home for the holidays. If your university is far from your family, you’ll likely encounter the issue of not having anywhere to keep your things in the meantime. A self-storage facility can be an excellent solution to this problem. Move your belongings in there before the holidays and come and get them when you return to university.