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Removals to Spain


Arranging Removals from the UK to Spain can be tricky without the help of a professional moving company. Make removals to Spain far easier by contacting Removalss to lend a helping hand with your international move.

Moving to Spain

Spain has long been a popular place for Brits to move to. In fact, prior to Covid, Spain was the second most visited country in Europe, receiving roughly 81.9 million visitors each year. It’s no surprise then that this popular location is where many UK citizens would like to call home.

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Both the East and South coasts of Spain offer incredibly gorgeous beaches, charming villages, and an affordable cost of living. You can live more comfortably on the same amount of money in Spain as you can in the UK, depending on where you live; living outside of the big cities is much cheaper.

Why Should I Hire Movers to Move to Spain?

International moves are far more complicated than just packing up a trailer and driving over to your new home. Hauling your furniture across the continent is no easy feat. You could choose to do it yourself in the hopes of saving money, but you’ll likely regret it. The main reason you’ll need movers to help with removals from the UK to Spain is that it’s just not viable to do it yourself. Sure, you could rent a moving truck, pack it up, and drive it to Spain. But it’s a 22+ hour journey, not even counting rest stops. Then, how will you return the truck? It’s just too time-consuming and complicated to do it yourself.

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Removals to Spain

Services for Removals from the UK to Spain


If you’re just moving temporarily, there’s no point getting help with removals to Spain and transporting all of your stuff over there. You’re better off finding furnished accommodation in Spain and keeping your furniture in storage in the UK. The cost of transporting it to Spain and back again is just not worth it, not to mention the hassle of arranging the move! Removalss can arrange storage for your items that you’re not taking so that they will be there waiting for you when you return.

Moving House

If you need to shift a whole houseful of belongings to Spain permanently, you will need some help. Removalss is here to take away the stress of removals to Spain. We are the experts at long haul moves, carefully wrapping each piece of furniture and placing it in the van so it can’t move around too much. Leave your long-distance move in the hands of the professionals for the ultimate peace of mind. That way, you can simply hop on a plane to join your belongings at your new home. Then you can start enjoying setting up life in your new location.

Why Use our Removals to Spain Company?

Here at Removalss, we take care of your move down to the finest detail. International moves can be daunting, so we aim to simplify the process as much as possible so that you can more quickly settle in and start enjoying your new life in Spain! Our dedicated team of professionals have gained local knowledge that makes removals to Spain go a lot smoother. With our meticulous attention to detail, you know that your items will all arrive at the other end safe and sound.