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Man and Van Premier Movers

Some of our customers just want simple moving services, and that’s where our Man and Van services come in. We’ll send one of our premier movers to your door with a van to help you move furniture, shift to a new apartment, or assist with whatever you need to be done!

Pick Ups and Drop Offs

You’ve purchased a new piece of furniture and need to go pick it up, but it won’t fit in your car! What do you do? Our Man and Van service is here to save the day. You’ll not only get a van that can easily fit your new possession but also a strong mover to help you lift it in and out of the vehicle.

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We can also assist with drop-offs for the times you need to relocate large or bulky items. Perhaps you have an event and need to take some furniture to the venue, or maybe you’re gifting a heavy set of drawers to a friend. Either way, we’re here to help make it happen.

Student Movers

If you’ve been looking for student movers, look no further. Many students are only responsible for packing up and moving their own room in their flat when they move. You don’t need a whole team of movers for a move that small, so book in our Man and Van service. We’ll send someone to help you shift your stuff to your new hall of residence or flat.

Don’t call your mates to help you move your stuff – while it might only cost you a box of beers or some pizza; it’s not worth the risk. Your items could get dropped, not fit in the car, or get damaged in transit. That’s why you need reliable student movers to get the job done right the first time.

Why Choose Removalss as Your Premier Movers?

Our team of premier movers at Removalss are dedicated to delivering the best possible moving services. They take care to wrap, pack, and stack up all of your boxes and items to keep them safe during your move. We pride ourselves on treating every customer the same. Whether you’re a student moving flats or a business owner relocating an entire office, you can expect our team to deliver high-quality services to get you moved from A to B.

Cost-Effective Moving Option

For those living in an apartment or smaller dwelling, you don’t need a huge moving van. Use our Man and Van services to get your possessions moved with no hassle. Simply pack up your belongings, and we’ll do the rest.

One of our premier movers will arrive at your door, ready to safely move even your heaviest pieces of furniture. Get your belongings securely packed into the van and transported to your new home, arriving in excellent condition. Save yourself the stress of moving on your own, having to hire a trailer, convincing friends to help, and worrying about the right way to stack up your boxes.

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